Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Looking Back

Sometimes I try to remember things. Things like Shira's first word, funny things he said or did, where we were when...
And I remember wanting to write those things down because I knew I wouldn't be able to recall them exactly now.

Ball was his first word besides mama. Neen was his word for nurse for the longest time. I miss it. "Mommy, I want to neen.". His precious, expectant face. Now he tells me, "Mommy, Duduwee wants to nurse," nearly every time Jubilee cries.

Jubilee loves Shira. He is hers. And she is his. Those smiles she gives when he is being goofy for her. Those are the smiles that remind me to write things down.

Like Shira pooping in the tub tonight. "Mommy, I have a surprise for you.".

Peace to you.

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