Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lesson on procrastination: or "I learned, again, that technology can't be trusted.

I gave myself weeks to put together a children's Christmas program for our church. We (two other parents and all of the kids) worked every Wednesday night on our program props- "snapshots" of the Christmas story. Sounds cute, right?

Each time we dressed up and took pictures to go along with songs and narrative. Last week was the last set of pictures. Tomorrow is the presentation. And, wouldn't you know, I didn't have the PowerPoint done until this morning, just in time for our dress rehearsal.

But then technology pulled a nasty one on me. Again. First, let me tell you about technology's first whack at my sanity. I updated my calendar, my contacts, and my reminders on my iPhone. I wasn't being brave. Just too trusty . I tried to update and sync or whatever, and lost it all. Yes. I had thrown away any paper trace. Yikes.

So, this morning, when I plugged in my flash drive and saw the power point program try, in vain, to open I nearly lost it (my sanity). I still don't know what is wrong, but I've emailed myself all of the pictures and will just build the presentation tomorrow morning.


Because I procrastinate. And I have a load of excuses up my sleeve.

Toddler who doesn't let me use my own computer in peace? Check.

Husband I want to watch tv with after the toddler is in bed? Check.

Too tired to remember that technology should not ever be trusted? Check.

Gave up drinking one (3) pots of coffee a day in favor of the occasional awesome cappuccino at an awesome cafe with awesome company three weeks ago, so my "A" game is actually an "F" game? Check.

Still unpacking and organizing my apartment? Check.

Did I mention kids? Check.

So I'm not lacking in the area of excuse after excuse. But don't these ones make sense to anybody else? (ok, I'll give you the coffee one-that was just plain unhealthy).

To prove one excuse is most certainly an actual cause of my near fail, I give you this:

I planned on going back to the church today to just get it finished. But my awesome husband does our laundry every Saturday. And while he was gone my toddler got very, very, very tired. There was no way he would survive another trip out. Or me for that matter. So I did what I could here at home.

Now I am hoping for the best.

The best sleep I can get until 5:00am.
The best enchiladas (because I don't want them to turn soggy overnight).
The best coffee I can buy and bring to my early work time.
The best mood I can be in.

Mostly I want the kids to feel proud of themselves. They worked so hard and are very excited to see these slides. Will my procrastination possibly ruin this for them? I hope not.

Lesson learned. Now for some practice in will power. Off to bed I go. Quick! Before today becomes this tomorrow I've been going on and on about.

And, dear technology, I want to love you. I REALLY do.


He dresses up.

He hides.

He chills.

He adores and is adored.

And he does mountains of laundry each Saturday.

Happy 31st to my partner in crime.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I struggle with making structured routines. I do well when I have one to follow, so I wasn't surprised to learn that my little Shira thrives when he has one. The problem is that we accidentally fell into our current routine. Sort of. It all started at the end of October when I turned Netflix instant play shows on all day so I could pack and unpack. Well, it also started when I got an iPhone, but that is another story for another day.

Thing is, now we're kind of stuck.

I have a plan for getting out. It involves creating a new rhythm one day and activity at a time. I have grand visions of crafts, stories, adventures, baking, naps for Jubilee, quiet time for Shira and me, and one or two shows a day.

I just don't know where to begin. After all, every day is not the same. Also, plans change.

Am I letting my fear of having my rhythm upset get in the way of even making one?

Should I just go for it or do I need to make a plan? Because I can do lists. Really well, in fact.

One thing is clear. I must get out of this rut!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cooking with Windows

I love our (my) new kitchen.  I'll say it again.  LOVE!  

While it is not the kitchen of my dreams, it certainly fills many of the gaps of my three previous kitchens.  Ok. Six. It beats all of them.  (I know, 
7 kitchens in 6 years of marriage.  I don't really know why we have moved so often).  But that is a lot kitchens.  And even though each kitchen had it's great points (ok.  Two of the kitchens had great points- the other four were perfect for ordering take-out), this one is the best by far.  To be fair, all of the kitchens have been small.  Someday I will live in a home with a giant kitchen.  Until then, let me tell you all of the great points about this new kitchen.

Cupboards.  Lots of deep ones.  High and low.  I can put every cooking and baking utensil ,except for the Kitchen Aid and microwave, into them.  

Counters as far and wide as the eyes can see. (I exaggerate a little here, but it is only to give you the right idea)

A working dishwasher.  "Hey, this dishwasher works a lot better than the last one, huh honey."-Ben, getting CLEAN bowls out for ice cream last night.

A wall for a calendar AND pictures.

I can see the family room and the dining room.  They are actually the same room, but that is another post for another day.  This means I can entertain guests and children and Ben while I entertain myself.

And last (insert drumroll here), an east facing window.  A very big one with a sill.  *heart flutters*. The current residents of the window are quite enjoying themselves.  They will all relocate soon (to other east facing window sills), but for now each has a lovely sunshine breakfast, brunch, and early lunch.  And after these plants move to their new sills, others will take their places.  Others of the herbal variety. 

I feel like I could be a poster woman from the 40s and 50s after writing this.  Truth be told, I really love cooking.  I particularly love eating great food, creative food, comfort food, and cereal.  Having the chance to cook and bake without any hang ups is my idea of a good time.   I also love being with my family, so having a kitchen where I can see them while I cook is a tremendous plus.   And then there is gardening (another post that is yet to come).  I don't have an outside place to plant anything, so the big window sill is also a very positive addition to my (our) new kitchen.

So I suppose I should probably go and use my awesome new dishwasher so my family has something to eat delicious food off of.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

On throwing in the towel

I was a scorekeeper for our school's wrestling team for a while. I learned a lot.
When time was up the referee would throw a rolled up towel into the mix to let the wrestlers know to quit. While I'm sure each wrestler felt aggravated at not getting to win by pinning, I'm willing to bet they were secretly glad to have such an evenly matched fight ended for them. Those matches could go on well past three minutes (which is a long time to be trying so hard).

Many of you who read this know that I struggle daily to get my energetic toddler to take a nap. Sometimes he is so tired I try more than once. I am becoming even more unsuccessful with each day. On the bright side, he is in bed by 7:30 most nights, and sleeping until 6:30 or 7 most mornings- a solid 11 to 12 hours. I've heard that some kids don't need more, but he is just so tired sometimes I don't see how that could be the answer for my little guy.

I've tried trying to nap earlier, which ends in frustration. I've tried making him more tired, which ends in downright meltdowns sans sleeping at the end. I've also rejoiced when he does take a nap-a very rare occurrence indeed-and then sometimes finding him more cranky than before he fell asleep.

I made some choices early on in his short 2 1/2 years that I'm not making with Jubilee. For example, I am teaching her to fall asleep without nursing and giving her regular naps so that they become routine for her. With Shira I would just let him fall asleep whenever. Usually he nursed to sleep because it was the only way I could get him to sit still. I was basically tricking him. It was a good choice then.

I don't blame him for wanting to stay awake. This is an awesome world, full of so many things to learn about. But I do know when he is tired.

I also know when I am tired. Now, don't laugh as I tell you this. I hate taking naps. I wake up feeling worse. Sometimes, though, I am just so tired I go lie in bed just for a 5 minute "rest", and wake up 2 hours later, groggy, shaky, and mad as a bull.

I only mention this because today I fell asleep while trying to get Shira to take a nap. I woke up to the sound of singing toddler toys and a bouncing-off-the-walls boy. I kid you not.

And while I was trying to overcome the shakes, see things non-blurred, and get a handle on what was making which noise, it occurred to me that Shira and I are not all that different when it comes to naps. Neither of us wants to nap. We both just fall asleep sometimes and wake up worse than we started.

So maybe I shouldn't try so hard to get him to do something when I can understand so completely why he doesn't want to do it. We are evenly matched, in a way.

And we have plenty of towels.


Shira called me stupid last night.
To say I am shocked...