Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cooking with Windows

I love our (my) new kitchen.  I'll say it again.  LOVE!  

While it is not the kitchen of my dreams, it certainly fills many of the gaps of my three previous kitchens.  Ok. Six. It beats all of them.  (I know, 
7 kitchens in 6 years of marriage.  I don't really know why we have moved so often).  But that is a lot kitchens.  And even though each kitchen had it's great points (ok.  Two of the kitchens had great points- the other four were perfect for ordering take-out), this one is the best by far.  To be fair, all of the kitchens have been small.  Someday I will live in a home with a giant kitchen.  Until then, let me tell you all of the great points about this new kitchen.

Cupboards.  Lots of deep ones.  High and low.  I can put every cooking and baking utensil ,except for the Kitchen Aid and microwave, into them.  

Counters as far and wide as the eyes can see. (I exaggerate a little here, but it is only to give you the right idea)

A working dishwasher.  "Hey, this dishwasher works a lot better than the last one, huh honey."-Ben, getting CLEAN bowls out for ice cream last night.

A wall for a calendar AND pictures.

I can see the family room and the dining room.  They are actually the same room, but that is another post for another day.  This means I can entertain guests and children and Ben while I entertain myself.

And last (insert drumroll here), an east facing window.  A very big one with a sill.  *heart flutters*. The current residents of the window are quite enjoying themselves.  They will all relocate soon (to other east facing window sills), but for now each has a lovely sunshine breakfast, brunch, and early lunch.  And after these plants move to their new sills, others will take their places.  Others of the herbal variety. 

I feel like I could be a poster woman from the 40s and 50s after writing this.  Truth be told, I really love cooking.  I particularly love eating great food, creative food, comfort food, and cereal.  Having the chance to cook and bake without any hang ups is my idea of a good time.   I also love being with my family, so having a kitchen where I can see them while I cook is a tremendous plus.   And then there is gardening (another post that is yet to come).  I don't have an outside place to plant anything, so the big window sill is also a very positive addition to my (our) new kitchen.

So I suppose I should probably go and use my awesome new dishwasher so my family has something to eat delicious food off of.  

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