Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lesson on procrastination: or "I learned, again, that technology can't be trusted.

I gave myself weeks to put together a children's Christmas program for our church. We (two other parents and all of the kids) worked every Wednesday night on our program props- "snapshots" of the Christmas story. Sounds cute, right?

Each time we dressed up and took pictures to go along with songs and narrative. Last week was the last set of pictures. Tomorrow is the presentation. And, wouldn't you know, I didn't have the PowerPoint done until this morning, just in time for our dress rehearsal.

But then technology pulled a nasty one on me. Again. First, let me tell you about technology's first whack at my sanity. I updated my calendar, my contacts, and my reminders on my iPhone. I wasn't being brave. Just too trusty . I tried to update and sync or whatever, and lost it all. Yes. I had thrown away any paper trace. Yikes.

So, this morning, when I plugged in my flash drive and saw the power point program try, in vain, to open I nearly lost it (my sanity). I still don't know what is wrong, but I've emailed myself all of the pictures and will just build the presentation tomorrow morning.


Because I procrastinate. And I have a load of excuses up my sleeve.

Toddler who doesn't let me use my own computer in peace? Check.

Husband I want to watch tv with after the toddler is in bed? Check.

Too tired to remember that technology should not ever be trusted? Check.

Gave up drinking one (3) pots of coffee a day in favor of the occasional awesome cappuccino at an awesome cafe with awesome company three weeks ago, so my "A" game is actually an "F" game? Check.

Still unpacking and organizing my apartment? Check.

Did I mention kids? Check.

So I'm not lacking in the area of excuse after excuse. But don't these ones make sense to anybody else? (ok, I'll give you the coffee one-that was just plain unhealthy).

To prove one excuse is most certainly an actual cause of my near fail, I give you this:

I planned on going back to the church today to just get it finished. But my awesome husband does our laundry every Saturday. And while he was gone my toddler got very, very, very tired. There was no way he would survive another trip out. Or me for that matter. So I did what I could here at home.

Now I am hoping for the best.

The best sleep I can get until 5:00am.
The best enchiladas (because I don't want them to turn soggy overnight).
The best coffee I can buy and bring to my early work time.
The best mood I can be in.

Mostly I want the kids to feel proud of themselves. They worked so hard and are very excited to see these slides. Will my procrastination possibly ruin this for them? I hope not.

Lesson learned. Now for some practice in will power. Off to bed I go. Quick! Before today becomes this tomorrow I've been going on and on about.

And, dear technology, I want to love you. I REALLY do.

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