Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Challenge

Let's say I've invited you over to my home. Chances are good that you would see a knitting project or a pile of fabric for sewing just sitting around. You may luck out and spot me working on something. Who knows, maybe you are the sneaky type and would hit jackpot when you happen upon one of my many yarn stash locations because you were curious what I keep in my cabinets and closets (I know these sneaky people exist). I even have yarn in our storage unit. It just happens.

Ok. "just happens" is stretching it a bit. What really happens is I get an idea to knit a hat. So I log in to one of many online yarn stores. As I'm browsing for the perfect fiber and color combination for said hat I see it- the most wonderful yarn for that lap throw I've been dreaming of- and it is on sale! Into the cart it goes! I'm sure to buy at least one more skein than I know I'll need. Just in case. By now I've forgotten the hat and turned my attention to what I could knit while sitting on my couch with the soft blanket I've just picked out yarn for wrapped around me. Yes, I know it is August. That just means I need to stock up on yarn now so that I can get to work when that first winter rain sprinkle happens. Oh yes! The hat! And there is some beautiful hand painted Alpaca in bulky weight. I could have that hat done in an hour. So I buy three more skeins of it. I just know I'll use them to knit more hats on my next road trip. Then I decide to see what else is on sale. Portland gives me a lot of rainy day opportunities. In the end I've added a spare skein of yarn in a fiber I've never worked with so that I can get out of paying for shipping. I click "check out" and I'm done. I don't need to fill anything out since I saved my billing and shipping information last month. Easy as pie.

And that is how I've acquired much of my stash. I know the word stash makes it sound like I'm addicted. But as you can see it is simple math coupled with laws of nature. Yarn grows and reproduces exponentially. It doesn't
need my help. It just needs a loving home. Kind of like tribbles.

Along with my love for fine fibers, I have a knack for getting ideas stuck in my head. And then once I've set my mind to them I carry them out. I havd mentioned I'm the achiever type person. I've been known for being overly so.

Dying to know my most recent idea? Sure you are.

I've decided (and I have Ben's full support) to knit or crochet only what I already have until it is all made up into something fabulous and either given away or worn/used by my own family. Restrictions apply- i.e. If I am knitting something for commission.

The rule is simple -knit, crochet, or sew only with what I already have. I may not buy yarn to finish a project. If I don't have enough then I must improvise.

Sound like fun?

I'll log my creations here as well as on

Peace to you.


  1. That sounds like a good idea, self control is so hard! I can't wait to see what you make. It's probably a good thing that I live in sunny San Diego and shouldn't commission anything from you, but reading this really made me want a new hat or scarf or sweater, hehehe.

  2. Does it really stay nice year round? LOL. Not even nippy enough for wrist warmers?